About Katie Jafari

As a crisis counselor and social worker, Katie Jafari focuses her professional energy on helping others improve their lives through a variety of treatments and counseling plans. In her work with Lake Shore Behavioral Health, Ms. Jafari performs start-to-finish services for her clients by evaluating their mental, emotional, and behavioral states; identifying any existing disorders; devising treatment plans; and assessing the effectiveness of those plans. In some cases, she refers clients to other resources that may allow them to achieve optimum results. Katie Jafari treats individuals, families, and couples in her role at Lake Shore Behavioral Health, but at Spectrum Health Services, where she works as a Crisis Counselor, she works primarily with children.

The work Katie Jafari performs allows her to treat individuals with a range of mental health difficulties. In addition to mental, social, and behavioral disorders, Ms. Jafari and the other professionals at Lake Shore Behavioral Health offer help for those in need of assistance with addiction recovery and rehabilitation from substance abuse.

Katie Jafari is currently certified as a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of New York. She achieved this certification, which requires passage of an examination as well as significant practical experience, while working full time. At present, Ms. Jafari is in the process of completing the requirements to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which demands a higher level of experience.

Katie Jafari holds a Master of Social Work from the State University of New York Albany, which she earned in 2004, and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Psychology from Buffalo State College, which she earned in 2003. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and family, and working out. Ms. Jafari makes charitable donations to the United Way.


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